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the day. would chevron put pipe repairs on hold until after review of the kind of pipe it wants to use? >> chevron agreed to wait to install the unit that failed corrosion caused a fire, spewing emission that's sent 15,000 people to the hospital. chevron wants to replace the pipe with something called chrome 9 saying it's the safest choice but the respected chemical safety board told the city in a letter that might not be the best choice the pipes failed in the unit similar to this one.
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richmond is responsible for permits. >> whous say sit on what kind of paip they use? >> that is unclear. >> before the agreement, chevron responded to a letter saying we're confident we have made the right decision considering all factors in selecting the material of rebare. we asked if they'd begun. >> this caveolding is doing inspections to make sure no damage occurred p the fire. that is inspection work. >> the district tries to expand it's own, chevron is aing it will wait for talks before moving forward. still would it not answer the question whether pipe replacement permits have been issued. >> we're not doing any work. this is not been permitted. there are lots of permits needed.
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>> thegí:wñ air district says chevron had begun replacing pipe but after today, the district believes they will wait onfflçt anymore pipe replacements, other rebuild work will continue. >> san jose police on the scene of what may be another gang related shooting that happened in a residential part of mclaughlin avenue. we believe zblirs are not life threatening. san jose police and mayor are teeming up to get a criminal off the streets. he just put $10,000 into a0co reward fund to help catch a murderer. the car jacking took place on friday. that is where abc 7 news is live tonight. >> right. and behind me, you can see a
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growing memorial for the victim of friday's violent crime spree. the reward aimed at finding one suspect is also growing. it's now doubled to $20,000. >> we're very concerned, which is why we're here. >> police officers and san jose mayor hope a $20,000 reward fund will help get a criminal off the street. the 26-year-old is in custody. this is a sketch of a second wanted man. the hispanic, or african american, five 10 to six feet tall.ánz >> we know people know the suspects and that someone has information about this. and we need cooperation. >> the plea avenue a deadly crime spree friday night that included a attempted car jacking.
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a string of robberies started on story road. 15 minutes later police say the duo robbed a gas station at east capitol expense pres yeah. -- express way, robbing a spa on bird-hk avenue. park petiford was killed and the suspect spotted a patrol car with an officer picking up ts trail. >> he followed them. so for them to jump out to trybp to basically kill him that is a violent criminal. >> the red line shows bullets into the officer vehicle. one bullet hit the officer. >> i think it speaks to the men and p women. you can see his car and belt. he continued to chase these suspects and was there when a person was taken into confident. >> one suspect caught, one with a $20,000 reward leading
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to capture and conviction. there is a is people providing information to the police can also do so anonymously. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> prosecutor says they will not pursue charges against an artist arrested after bringing what looked like come components into the oakland international airport. here is what it looks like. the lawyers say it's a piece of art his client designed. mcgan lives in southern california and brought the piece with him to show to it an art class. tsa officers say it looked like a watch with fuses and wires and and they say mcgan had layers of insoles in his shoes. >> i can understand why this had to go that far and why tsa won't have stopped me from the beginning.
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next thing i'm in handcuffs and bomb squad. >> mcgan's lawyer asking the arrest be erased. >> a ceremony held to remember a missing bay area girl has taken on new meaning this year. michaela mayor yekt disappeared outside of a grocery store, today, members tied a yellow ribbon on a tree this, year, her thoughts preoccupied with a dna test being done on the bob bone fragment of a young child. mees are investigating if michaela might be one of the victim eyes have spent time looking for michaela. not believing she's alive but just hoping she's alive, trying to reach out to her. and i'm still doing that.
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and yet there is a cloud over everything this. >> results should be replace leesed in about a month. >> a chapter in the debate over whether san francisco should follow new york city's lead allowing stud dwronts ride transit system free. a hearing about it in city hall today and a vote is to. abc 7 news is live with both sides of the debate. >> the vote on a resolution will indicate how supervisors feel this new pot of money should be spent. it could influence a decision by the board of districters who will vote next month. muni carries about 700,000 passengers per day. that is the oldest fleet in america, things are breaking down. now, comes a wind fall from
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regional metropolitan transportation commission. the supervisor wantsmh8k it invested. >> that needs to be job one for muni. >> critics don't want all of the money reserved for that. two years now, community activists and students have called on muni to offer free rides. >> this shouldn't be obstacles blocking from anything around the city. >> a 120% hike since 2009. and the once traditional school bus service has eroded. a member says she has sympathy for the kids but believes if buses aren't fixed, everybody suffers. >> this doesn't fulfill
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requirements. >> spending 1.6 million on a pilot program. 40,000 young people would benefit. >> so we believe the estimate to restore that ridership is important and worthy. >> the director says it doesn't have to be an either or and the head of the transit operator union agrees.. >> we have to compromise because i do agree with the pass. i do know we need more equipment. >> the mayor likes the concept of free rides but is concerned about critical maintenance needs. >> the new golden state warriors arena continues.
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the team president and president of the oatel and food service union signed an agreement guaranteeing union workers will fill most of the jobs. there is a agreement that gives workers first dibs on jobs at the san francisco arena. the 17,000 seat arena is scheduled to be opened in fall, 2017. >> michigan developer agreed to pay a record price for a chunk of san francisco real estate. the hines corporation will pay for thevgx,ñ site the tower is being built. purchase clears the way for construction of the 61 story power, the tallest building on the west coast and a hub being called grand central station of the west. >> a warning tonight for holiday travel plans include hitting the road. >> for every drinking driver there may be two more on drugs and harder for chp to detect.
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>> with thanksgiving just days away, there is a sense of a need for food tonight. >> i'm sandhya patel. our way. it's a slow moving system. i'll let you know if it will be out of here before plans get underway. >> mike i need to talk to you... have you ever in the military. >> tracking down a man who has been posing as a war hero. stay with us. abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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with so much attention on stopping drunk drivers another group has been flying under high on drugs. as abc 7 news reports, a new study shows there are now more drugs than drunk drivers on california roads. >> it's becoming a bigger problem than it had been before. >> it's f.this has been suspected but never quantified until now. a new office of traffic safety survey of nine cities during friday and saturday night recently concluded more californians are driving under the influence of drugs than alcohol. more than double at 14%. >> nearly half have marijuana, that was the drug and sometimes it's plus other drugs.. >> the study found people had
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prescriptions and over the counter drugs which can impair driving. the sleep aid ambien has been linked to accidents. >> this is where low levels were found in the bloodstream of john brice onafter a string of collisions in southern california this summer. kerry kennedy, caught daughter of robert f kennedy crashed north of new york city with the generic of ambien in her blood. mothers against drunk dra ú  added drug driving to the campaign because of a rise. >> if this is no means cho. it means drugs, both. people get arrested or end up dead. >> the drug policy alliance opposes driving while impaired but says california's numbers
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shouldn't prevent efforts to loosen laws.. >> no one should drive under impairment of everything. i'm just saying risks associated with pair mayor and driving are lower than risks with alcohol and prescription drug ootz state will have more numbers in years beginning in 2014 law enforcement will have to indicate whether the case is related to alcohol, drugs or both. >> time running out to get thousands of turkeys to families in need. one major center is in the south bay, sacred heart community service people waiting. >> there is little doubt it's a struggle for families. the line to pick up food fr a thanksgiving feet started in the morning. an army of service volunteers
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kept wupt crowds, distributing turkeys and fixings to grateful families. >> this is like, if you -- it's awesome. >> more food being dropped off. these are donations collected at union avenue safeway. >> i can't believe how much i v we can't keep6yrv up. >> second harvest is short of 3700 turkeys. >> we don't need them all d. so we provide turkeys to season and beyond if we're fortunate enough. but we need more. >> students filled baskets for families in san jose. by doing this, they can see other possibles to help, year round. >> we've been doing turkey baskets only. now, we can do maybe school supplys.. >> students took a tour of the
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facilities, specializing in providing short term housing. >> they call throughout the year, want to know how they can help, if they can come to be with kids. and we have opportunities for every age. ith demand, nonprofy it's not too late to donate fooddsñ, especially turkeys.j&mn sacred heart says it's nort knit of number has grown this year. >> to find out how you can help log on to our web site. and click on see it on tv. >> right now, sandhya patel is here. >> nice now, i guess that is changing. >> it is. good thing is that rain is going to be here and out before thanksgiving plans
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again. we're looking across the bay towards san francisco. you can see just a stunning view there. some clouds are moving in but rain has been up into the north bay. they've picked up a few hundredths of an inch earlier in the day. looks looking now just clouds that we're watching but our radar will be tracking rain before you know it. right now, rain has been confined up to the north as far as steady rain. rain and winds do you. they will continue to see that moisture before it makes its way down towards the bay area, temperatures into 50s and 60s. so showers for the north bay tonight rain spreads south on tuesday. and then, showers democrat minutish wednesday, which is a get away day for you traveling
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temperatures upper 40s to low 50s. if you're heading out the door in the nornl bay grab umbrellas. make sure you have umbrellas. a cold front is slow moving bringing rain here but not immediately. so looking at computer animation, clouds around 7:00 p.m. into the night, 5:00 a.m. most moisture still confined to the north bay. we'll see some scattered showers beginning to move in around noon time around the coast you that rain shifts down by 5:00 p.m. and it goes through quickly. so wednesday afternoon and evening if you're getting away look fine.
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rainfall totals like this in the north bay up to two inches. you can see totals drop off considerably. it's going to make for a little bit of a tough ride heading up to what tao. 8500 feet tuesday. it's going to be rain snow fix there. tomorrow after the foon, upper 50s to upper 60s, grab umbrellas. around the bay looking at mild readings, low to upper 60s and here is the accu-weather forecast. dry for thanksgiving and beyond that, black friday looking good. mildacykykyk) weekend. temperatures into the 60s. >> thank you. >> turns out reports the death of the hostess twinkie may
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better news tonight for people who love twinkies. the maker of popular snack cakes and wonder bread agreed to private mediation today, offering some hope the company will not liquid date.
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sky 7 was over the columbo baking company. workers are walking the picket line. for strikers this announcement is encouraging but not cause to celebration. >> our hopes up yet so we can hear tomorrow to see what the outcome was of the mediation. >> the baker union has been on strike since november 9th. hostess has been in dut det ask complained of rising labor costs. >> chevron and other manufacturers purchased $200 million worth of california pollution permits. it's a central part of the campaign against global warming. manufacturer that's meet their caps are now free to trade them to other companies who do not.
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>> there is a lot more still to come here tonight. just ahead another escalation of the violence in the middle east. dozens more rockets fired and death toll reaching a new milestone. >> i team tracks down a man posing as a war hero. >> talking to a man who is dedicated to his career to finding the phony.
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from unitedhealthcare. with this plan, you can get copays as low as a dollar through a preferred network pharmacy like walgreens -- where you'll find 8,000 convenient locations. best of all, this plan has the lowest part d premium in the united states -- only $15 a month. open enrollment ends december 7th. so call today or visit your local walgreens.
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israel and hamas nowhere close to a peace agreement. israel hit key targets for a sixth day. the israeli campaign began after months of rocket attacks by hamas into israel. a senior militant is now among 111 fool stinins killed. hamas fighters launched nearly 100 rockets into israel today.
6:30 pm
bj sides say they're open to aip solution and are prepared for further escalation. >> navy s.e.a.l.s have been recorded -- regard as heroes. the number of people posing as navy s.e.a.l.s have soared. >> one such imposter was tracked down. this is a story you broke last night. >> misguided soul trying to impress people but to the family members of those who tied it's important. they call it stolen valor. the members of the s.e.a.l.s launch a raid kaling -- killing osama bin laden, head shots fired from boat to boat.
6:31 pm
they have sparked a surge in the number of imposters.. >> s.e.a.l.s are the number one targeted group for imposters. >> don is a real retired navy
6:32 pm
>>1er densesmoor claiming to ae a veteran with a sim ver star, a bronze star, two presidential citations and six navy accommodations. >> you throw that impressive resume down there and add those s.e.a.l. claims, you can't spell commendation right down accommodation?
6:33 pm
i'm not sure you've served. >> he reaches dense doos more, grills him about the service. >> my web site is extreme s.e.a.l. i'm in virginia. i hope you make it out this way. >> he didn't back down. >> a lot of them don't. >> so i team returned to investigate speaking with the former co-workers. stan says his colleagues reacted with skepticism to the sales of being a navy s.e.a.l.. >> heesz not long and lanky like most s.e.a.l.s. >> he says it was easy to dismiss him until he considered0wy.bigger issue. >> i just think that he is stealing from the legitimate
6:34 pm
veterans that could use the job. >> when i reached him by phone, he refused to answer questions or sit down for an interview. i tracked him to his home. >> i need to talk to you about your navy s.e.a.l. background? >> we're going to the va now. were you ever in the military? >> i followed him to department of tret trans affairs and i couldn't confirmmy services because of laws. and my request confirms he is no navy s.e.a.l. and never served in the navy but army. >> do you apologize for posing as a navy s.e.a.l.? >> for what? >> about posing as a navy s.e.a.l.? do you wish you hadn't done that? >> there is one thing i've
6:35 pm
learned about naif eye s.e.a.l.s. unless you become good friends you won't know if you met one. they don't brag. >> it takes five questions to find out i was a s.e.a.l.. what do you do? i'm retired. >> from what? >> reteared navy. >> what ship? >> i wasn't on a ship. where were you stationed? little creek. what did you do? i was a s.e.a.l.. >> and they believe you're disrespected those who served and died. >> shipley tell meez he gets from 20 to 50 tips per day about fake navy s.e.a.l.s and i'm checking more out right now. if there is someone you expect go to abc 7 and send me an e mail. there are good link there's on this story. i've been working on another investigation of a family
6:36 pm
desperate for children that trusted a man who works as an adoption facilitator. >> are you being straight with families about kids they're adopt something. >> finding out about the kids home and what the i team uncovered about his adoption business. >> coming up next,
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to make fighting cavities easier, it's called fluorescent visualization, taking the guesswork out of identitying tooth decay that. blast of air dries the surface of the teeth making them camera ready. >> there is no radiation. @ will tell me if there is bacteria. >> the dentist is using a device called spectra to capture the images, mapping phone shall there is a breakdown. >> this]ó"j is reverseable. and spots are reddish orange
6:40 pm
kailt decay. >> red highlights tell us you're getting into the second layer. >> this recommendation is a small filling. in san francisco, he is in charge of implementing new dental technologies there. >> it didn't replace our mind set or look. >> i love it. it's less intrusive than using a little work. >> instead of poking for spots, it captures images to become part of a patient electronic records. >> you can see the image. this is a hazard in the lesion or deyeah area. >> this might become part of the process. >> we're visual people.
6:41 pm
you can see where you need to be working. >> technology receivedloep fda approval. the doctor says it doesn't cost extra. it's an investment in his practice. showrooming. i shop at the store by buy it online. some are beginning to embrace it. stay with
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tonight money matters a ral yes on waut street. the dow rose today thanks to signs a deal will be struck before spending cuts go into affect next year that. is the fiscal cliff you hear about. apple gained $28 a share after a two month long slump. surprise at intel tonight. the chief executive is stepping down three years before the retirement age of 65. and the national association
6:45 pm
of realtors said today that sales of previously owned homes went up in october and the pace is 11% higher than last year. >> by week's end there is one thing for certain. shoppers have lined up for days flooding through doors of big box174trretailers. what is not concern is where they'll buy anything. john is an artist and a shopper. >> this is a big issue for me. >> he already knows where he's going next. >> the reason i'm here is to check them out. i'm going to go home and look online. >> john is what retailers call a showroomer. >> it's causing lots of stores to los down. people go in the stores and buy online anyways.. >> the reason is simple.
6:46 pm
online prices can be 10% to 30% cheaper. shoppers know it. >> i've found better deals online. >> they can't match them? >> they don't seem to be able to. >> if you assume the bestczzrw price is online, you might be missing out. >> i expected the line to be chopper. you know? they're not. >> peter says he's going home with a new tv. >> i checked my phone. changed shopping. >> the technology that is available to us is kind of just changed the approach. >> ken says he expects apps will make black friday less of a wind fall. >> people goring to go to the
6:47 pm
stores and see they can buy things cheaper online. >> some may skip stores.. >> you can find deals online in your pa jammas. >> in oakland abc 7 news. >> let's check on the forecast now inching towards thanksgiving. >> yes. things are changing just a bit. >> let me show you a time lapse. this afternoon, you can see these neat-looking clouds. you're getting clouds out of the storm headed our way. rainfall in eureka, 60 degrees there. 0 degrees by afternoon. 69 in san diego. 72 degrees if los angeles. tahoe getting rain, perhaps
6:48 pm
snow. woor looking at rain in the north bay. temperatures upper 50s to 60s, sprain reign spreads across the area. showers for wednesday morning, thanksgiving is dry. black friday is dry. milder pattern into the weekend. temperatures into the 60s going into monday is looking dry. thanksgiving donl only three days ahead. if you gift 35 meals or cash equivalent we'll mention your name, here are the donors. mike and suzy, 150. students and staff in fremont, 120. student skpsz staff at mill's college, 91.
6:49 pm
he liz benl ferguson, 50. a total of 4483 meals so far. you can give by calling the number on the top of the we have the abc 7 share your holiday food drive coming up december 12th. we'll take your donations at locations around the area. >> thank you. >> we had a great story. a young girl can outrun boys big time. >> she brought her talent
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>> time for sports tonight. >> yes. >> especially football. >> we'll get to niners in domt. we'll start with raiders. when the yosh says he's not happy, you know it's bad. raiders owner spoke after yesterday's loss and said he's frustrated as fans are watching raiders regret week after week. remember, there are 8 and in
6:53 pm
back to back seasons and decided on wholesale changes. they've got new schemes and i'm frustrated and disappointed. you wake up this morning and that is what we intend to do. i understand his frustration, i can appreciate that. let me tell you this, nobody is going work harder to get it corrected than i will. >> warriors split first two games winning at minnesota. catch a break tonight. diá injury.
6:54 pm
charles jenkins going the other way. çor the victory in hawaii% stanford women's basketball team has ascended to number this is the first time since 2005 they have been fum one the stanford football team is 17-14 upset of oregon saturday career high 11 catches and a spectacular touchdown. shoulder inbound. senior punter earned an honor
6:55 pm
on special teams. san jose state what a season. today coach mack named one of 16 semi finalists for the coach of the year award. 19 tackles. 49ers welcomed a young star over the weekend. i'm sure you've seen this video online. a 9-year-old running wild in her youth football league. she's faster than other little kids. gaining national attention after her dad gained a music video. and tonight, sam met steve young and is watching monday
6:56 pm
night football at the stick. a lot are happy because they're playing bears now alex smith has been speck lack tar. in the second half, 49ers are crushing bears. this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> young people from an honored by michelle obama today. >> youth radio received the youth program award teaching 400 under served young adults. >> students can work on programs at youth radio.
6:57 pm
>> terrific tonight at 9:00, hope you can join me. riding a bus is simple. >> then at 11:00 thanksgiving cut short by stores hoping to get5÷qqp a jump on the season thousand they're trying to get the holiday back. >> that our report. here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are our three finalists -- a high-school chemistry teacher from chasville, virginia... a high-school world-history teacher from chicago, illinois... and a high-school a.p. english teacher from montgomery, alabama... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome, every i can't think of a better way to start the week than with a two-game finals match in one of our signature tournaments, in which one one. gets to go home with $100,000 at the end of tomorrow's program. michael, colby, and kate have been very impressive in their previous two appearances.

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